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Borned ; 20th February '09.
Webmistress ; Phebs.
Co-webmistress ; Buju.
What do we offer? ; Graphic designing && reviewing.
Contact ; thrashing.ideas@hotmail.com

Enjoy your stay(:

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30 March 2009.

Evening people! ^^
I'm sorta bored now..
So yeah, I'm just spamming my own site's main homepage xD

anyway, I've made my own personal blog! 'woo!' ;;

Come and drop by sometime! :D
and now I won't have to bitch about somebody here anymore xD

so.. hm, request away people! ^^

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29 March 2009.

SueWey will be officially free tomorrow!
Free as in like not going out or whatsoever,
like durr, I still have to attend school!
So I might just tell you a little what happen during the past days I was 'missing' tomorrow ^^

Anyway, I know that this is a little inappropiate cause this is a graphic/review/trailer request site,
and it's not my personal blog or whatever,
but I'm freaking pissed at this person -SueWey is being polite enough not to say who- !
I sabar you for like oh-so-long already and I can take it no more!
I never thought that you would go on! UGH.
-fould words; censored-
-sorry if I'm not using proper english, I'm lazy to and I do not have the mood to write proper english-

SueWey still need more trailer makers who can make trailers other than korean celebrities.
Please help spread the news.

SueWey is sleepy and wants to dream about SueWey killing 'her'.

oh and WinterNight will be on hiatus for awhile!
she needs to finish her projects and all~
so yeah (:
don't forget to come back, WinterNight! -kisses-

good night.

Webmistress of ROL.

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28 March 2009.

hey people! It's Earth Hour Day! woo! LOL
how's your day? (:

I'm so freaking exhausted! D:
yesterday went over to me buddy's party // pool party.
and today the treasure hunt!
too bad lah, my team didn't win anything :P
so yeah, tomorrow I'll be going out again,
for my buddy's birthday party again cause tomorrow's really his birthday lol! ^^

gah! I'm just gone during the day and I felt like I've missed so much!
-looks at the tagboard-
anyway, let's welcome our new affies! -claps hands-

Kiss The RadioUnder The RainbowFanfic AddictsJulyFlight SeventeenWinding MindsEverlastingWonderfulMidnight FantasyRainbow Voices

also, we've a new graphic designer joining our crew!
introducing Star-chan! (:

1. staff members, please check the pickups page, perhaps a day or two after the day you've send me the finished request, to see if your finished requests is posted up.
2. requesters, please check the status page, perhaps a day or two after the day you've send in your request, to see if your request is 'under construction'.

Your webmistress afterall might have missed your email and/or forgot to put it up.
Conclusion; SueWey is blurr and forgetful at times. xD

please && thank you!

Webmistress of RawrOutLoud

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25 March 2009.

Good day people! (:
Anyone gonna switch off their lights on the 28th March 2009?
I am! xD

Anyway, I just wanna welcome our lovely affies!
Do visit their sites too sometimes (:

Lovey DoveyBebuFanaticAnna SungminApplesauce!DrealityEmpathyLifetime-DreamsWondrous ScribblesInspired You

Oh, and I MIGHT not be available on the 27th - 29th March 2009, 4th && 17th April 2009.
Why? Because;;

after writing the last event,
I got scared sitting for the exam O__O T__T

anyway, don't worry I'll still be here~! ^^
just that I'll be online during the night time,
since the events are all happening during day time :P

soo... hmm... no one wants to be a Trailer Maker? lol xD

enjoy your coming weekends!
ciao. peace.

Webmistress of ROL.

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23 March 2009.

Hello people ^_____^
how's your day today?
It's freaking hot here today T____T

Dear staff members and requesters,
please check the status -for requesters- and pickups -for staffs- page,
to see if I've missed anyone's request (:
Afterall, your webmistress is forgetful and blurr at times xD

Also, I really really need Trailer Makers who can make trailers other than Korean celebrities!
Spread the word people! (:

SueWey is exhausted today~
There's standard sports tomorrow, SueWey is gonna be dead tomorrow~~
SueWey got assigned to present about Cabohydrates for Biology tomorrow,
and SueWey hasn't prepared anything yet~~
SueWey need to start reviewing fics cause she procrastinate too long already~~
SueWey don't know what she's blabbing about~~

enjoy your evening ^^

webmistress of ROL

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22 March 2009.

Good... uhh.. -looks at the time- ....night..? LOL
anyway, I'm happy to say that XiaoRi's back from hiatus!
yay! -does the happy dance- ^___^

And I finally got me-self a Photoshop! woot!
But I suck at it =.=
It took me hours to get around it and experimenting pictures around T___T

SueWey is lazy to read the tutorials~!
When I open it, it was like 'WOAH. O____O'
Lots and lots of words which I have no interest in reading besides fictions xD

Anyone care to 'make an appoinment online' and teach me? ^^

MUAHAHAHA. Once I master this,
who knows? I might even get to join the Graphic Designers team ^___^
and I wouldn't have to go through all the troubles to ask around for someone to make me a new layout ^^

So.... the results? really bad .___.
..... and plain. LOL. but hey! I'm just a beginner and still a beginner!
well.. actually worse than that LOL.

Among all the pictures I experiment with,
I think these came out pretty nice ^___^ nice and simple~~

These are pictures I took early last year;;

This was 2 years ago, when my hair's really long xD

This was last year, around April. Yep, with long hair.. In school xD

This is last year's.. when I cut my hair really short ^^
Well.. my hair is waay shorter now xD but not that short =="

This is for Anna. As you can see what my friends and I are playing; that's Mah Jong. LOL
ahahahah it's an 'aunty' game LOL
and this picture was editted by my friend; Felicia.
Just to let you know ^^


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21 March 2009.

Hii!! -waves-
Nothing much. I'm just bored xD
OH OH and Imperfection.x3 is back from hiatus! yay! -does the happy dance-

Oh, just wanna share a few pictures I found in my cousin's laptop xD

Leave a tag if your gonna take the pictures (:
Don't forget the credits if your posting it up in your site xD

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20 March 2009.

Good evening everyone!
I've added a new section; 'Games' LOL.
I spent half the day trying out and looking for some nice and interesting games for you to play :D
do enjoy! will look for more in 2 weeks!

Okay, same-o same-o.
Need trailer makers, advertisers blahblah LOL.
sorry, I'm kinda lazy today D:
OH OH I need a coder too!
someone who's willing and interested to make our next layout!
and probably the next next layout! -puppy dog eyes-
This sucks T.T If only I had Photoshopping and html coding skills T__T
then I wouldn't have to go through all these troubles~

And I apologize to BoBo && DeeDee.
Cause I mixed up their trailer works. mianhe~
I was blurr and sleepy that time xD

and I'm gonna be extremely busy in the next few weeks.
I think.... cause I have to manage two sites at one time.
SnowFlower's Webmis has to go on hiatus, so I have to take charge.
Woo! Wait, why am I happy? =.=
So, I would like to apologize if my review requests are going... slow...
for my site and other sites as well~~

Anyway, I'm gonna go eat Korean food later for dinner! xD
It's..... uh.... damn, I forgot T___T
damn my short memory span T____T

OH and I made a new acc! =B
just drop by if you want to.

Anyway, enjoy your day iight?!

Webmistress of ROL

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19 March 2009.

RawrOutLoudGood evening everyone! (:
How's your day?
It's freaking hot here and I'm melting x____x
I'm gonna be fried chicken -since I born in the year of rooster-
Anyway, enough with me talking nonsense ==

I'm planning on changing the layout sooooooon~! :D
Anyone interested to help a poor and 'little' reviewer here who doesn't know anything about Photoshop, to make her a lovely layout, icons, link buttons for ROL? xD
ROL staff members? -besides Chazzie since she already helped me alot for my first layout-
If you, yes you -points to whoever is reading this- are interested,
just inform me at the tagboard along with your email address where I can contact you,
OR just simply email me @ racheal_wee@hotmail.com
-geez, wonder how many times I've posted my email add on each updates x___x-
oh, and our affie, Symphonic Melody are looking for those who are interested to make them a layout too!
Go to their site for more info about it (:

Also, I would like to thank Anna for giving me some suggestions to make ROL a better site :D
I'll consider them and will most probably put them up.

and I still need Trailer Makers, people!
No one's interested? ):
You can even spread the news around xD -stares at the advertisers-
Oh and I'll be needing some advertisers too!
Interested? Please fill out ze form in the 'Staff Application'.
Staff members interested? Just lemme know at the tagboard (:

That is all for now. I think.
-cracks head-
Yeah, that should be it.

ciao. peace.

Webmistress of ROL

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I did the Macarena with a noodle in a hole because my family thinks I'm stupid anyway.

RawrOutLoudI was passing by Whitering Memories' site
and since they tagged whichever affie that pass by their site soo... yeah xD

andd, I tag every of my affies that hasn't done this yet :D

Type out the sentence you end up with in the TITLE of your update (:

Now type out the sentence you made, in the TITLE and tag your friends.

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18 March 2009.

Anna got sick ): Again, Anna and her stubborn-ess -shakes head- xD
Anyway, get well soon iight?!
Don't want Sungmin to worry now, do we? :D
don't be stubborn and sleep late x] same goes to you, kira! -glares at kira-

Anywayy, yes, I still need Trailer Makers =X
If I still can't find any, I'm sorry to say but after the 5 trailers are done,
I might take it off. You can't expect DeeDee to do all those by herself right?

Hmmm.. Oh and any suggestions on what else I should put on ze site? (:
I felt it's like so plainn D: Any suggestions?
Oh and I might gonna put FAQs, since I'm getting loads of similar questions o__O


friends came over today :D
played mah jong && 'Bullshit' nearly the whole day xD

off to Piano class!
ciao. peace.

Webmistress of ROL.

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