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Borned ; 20th February '09.
Webmistress ; Phebs.
Co-webmistress ; Buju.
What do we offer? ; Graphic designing && reviewing.
Contact ; thrashing.ideas@hotmail.com

Enjoy your stay(:

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4 November 2009



Okay, I'm horrible at updating... :/ But I'm trying! Okay, so first thing: there's our nomination in Feisty Princess's challenge! I don't know much about it, and Rach already summed up most of it in her post lol. Anywho... how is our new layout??? I think it's cute lol. At first I thought I clicked on the wrong site when it didn't look the same anymore, haha! :P

Halloween was 4-5 days ago, and we have gotten many gifts from our affies! I know it's a tad bit late, but here they are with my comments of what I think of them. :D

nice! cute :) OMG, THIS ONE IS JUST WAYYYY TOO SCARY!!! Another scary one!! Whoa this one is cool very nice, very nice. yummy candy! another cute one :)

I didn't make any gifts and don't know if Phebs did... (I know, I'm so unupdated right?) But I definitely will on the next holiday. ^^

Oh, and to Rach: I do not have the links saved anywhere on my computer... sorry. But maybe Phebs does so I'll ask her.

Another thing: I'm leaving on a trip for the next 2-3 days, but it's fine cuz it'll be during the weekend which means Phebs will be back here to take care of things I hope! So no requests will be ignored :)

So...  once again I've ran out of things to say. Buh bye for now~


Hey. I am sorry to have my co-web doing all the updates recently. Being home only during the weekends really isn't sufficient for me to settle everything so I have to trouble her a lot.

Firstly, i-DEAS got 3rd place for Feisty Princess's Top Sites Challenge!!! Thank you to those who voted for us and also thanks to all our requesters for the supports you gave us. (no matter if you are just newly requested or a loyal requesters) All of you, including my fellow staffs here make this all happen today. I sincerely thank you all. i-DEAS will continue doing our best and provide you the best that we can, till your satisfaction. *bows low*

And another thing... I want to congratulate my staff members who have their stories nominated in Feisty Princess's Top 10 Best Stories as well. Congratulations on the wins Anna (her stories respectively got 1st, 7th, 9th and 10th place) ; .flavored (her stories respectively got 3rd, 4th and 5th place) and also to Kira!!!! (she was a collab author for both stories that got 5th and 10th place) Your stories are all remarkable and truly deserves the win. I think you girls might even qualify to publish your own books now. XD (p.s: I would be one of the first to buy them :P)

I didn't save all the links of our affies but I will slowly link them back again. It might take a while. So sorry. ><

Lastly... Happy (belated) Halloween everyone!! Yes. I did make a gift but didn't manage to post it up here although I did send it to some of our affies. Here it is:

And thank you to all our affies for the lovely gifts.

Well, that's all I have to say now. I am rushing to go back my dormitory now. Bye everyone and have a nice day!

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3 November 2009.



uhm...... hello. again.........

i just want to apologize cause i just realized that i left out the affies section =="
and i lost all the links already.. so.............................................

*bows a million times to both Phebs and fellow affies*

if you could, maybe inform Phebs or Buju?
then Phebs / Buju gimme the links.........?

a million apologies everyone.. D:

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2 November 2009.



just a short message from me. hope you all don't mind spendin' a little time reading through.
so, i just wanna wish iDEAS happy 8th month anniversary although i know how super late i am, and to make up the times i've been missing, i've decided to change iDEAS's layout though it isn't as awesome as the other sites ( credit to blogskins ). and whenever if i could and if Phebs would let me, i would volunteer to change iDEAS layout every month anniversary.

also, i got a message from Anna saying that iDEAS for nominated for Feisty Princess's Best Site and there's 100+ people voting for iDEAS. i just want to say thanks to those who have voted for iDEAS for supporting us. although i could see clearly who would be winning, i'm still happy to see iDEAS getting voted from quite a number which i don't really expected it to be. also, i want to thank everyone who has been working here, thank you for doing a great job and supporting iDEAS especially to Phebs who has been giving a never ending support. thank you Phebs for deciding to let iDEAS continue and i'm sorry about before.

i guess that's all from me~

have a nice day and please continue supporting us \m/

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