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Borned ; 20th February '09.
Webmistress ; Phebs.
Co-webmistress ; Buju.
What do we offer? ; Graphic designing && reviewing.
Contact ; thrashing.ideas@hotmail.com

Enjoy your stay(:

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I -- i
D -- design,
E -- explore,
A -- appreciate and,
S -- share.
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27 July 2009.



I'm glad to see some people like the site and it's layout. Thank you to those who had been complimenting and requesting from ROL.
The challenges are still open, feel free to join for the sake of fun.

I'm not trying to be mean, or paranoid or anything. But I just want to voice out something that had been killing me to say it out.
I know that not ALL ideas ( like, for example I used the slideshow thing as a new way to give the birthday banners for anyone's birthday ) is not originally from me or whatsoever. However, if you have never thought of that idea and got some ideas FROM ME, like you saw the slideshow thing or putting all birthday messages into one birthday banner. Please please please, let me know first or at least ask me like ShadowYin.
I don't care if you began to think anything negative about me because of this, but if you had been using my ideas without letting me know, it's making me feel like you ripped off my ideas and then call it your ideas ( unless it's REALLY your ideas ) or something. I don't know how to explain how I felt == wtf.
If you did, the least you could do is credit me.
I'm sorry but I'm just really sick of this happening to me countless of times. Even someone made her own site that's like more than 50% the same as mine ( not now. I purposely changed my site a little cause I'm sick of having another conflict with people ) after working with me for a few days / weeks. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but some sites never used that idea before til some of them came and visit my site. And the next thing I knew, they're using the same thing I did.
Please, I'm really sick and tired of this. I don't want to have any conflict with anyone. I really wish to just stay down quiet, but if I do, it just gets worst and they would probably think that I'm someone you can push around. But if I voice out to them, their visitors would say that I ripped off their ideas instead.
So, please. I'm being very polite to not mention your names and your site's names already. I just want a small favor from you guys. Please let me know if you're going to use my ideas, or at least credit me when you do.


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26 July 2009.

Good morning ladies.
We had alot of new affies today so check out the 'escapes' and you'll see all sorts of websites there ;D

Also, LostShadows were being so kind enough and gave all of their affies -- Best Affies Award. And, that includes us, RawrOutLoud.

Thank you, LostShadows! :D

Next up, just as I promised last month, I've put up new challenges! I'm sorry but to take out the Writing Challenge since no one entered. Also, yesterday I've been thinking of putting up a new challenge and so I've decided to have a Riddle Challenge as well. Hopefully there'll be people joining the challenges this time :D
Staffs are allowed to join if they want to! But graphic designers would not be part of the judge for the graphic challenge if they join it.

Have fun and good luck! (;


A short update from your Co-web:

First of all, I am sad to announced that few of our staffs have left us - XiaoRi (reviewer) , Yuebo (reviewer) and mcbandong (trailer maker). It is sad that you guys have to leave us but please know that you are always welcome back to join us! :)

Due to the lack of trailer makers, the trailer request will be on HIATUS for the moment. We are still hiring trailer maker so please people, come and apply! Thanks!

Lastly, I (Phebs) will be on hiatus for the coming 3 weeks. Those that requested from me, don't worry... I will still finish your request but from today on I will not be accepting any further requests till after my hiatus. I have to focus on my studies. Sorry everyone.

That's all I have to say. Have a good day everyone! :)


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24 July 2009.

Good morning everyone ^^
I can't thank all of you enough for the great birthday surprise you gave me. You guys have no idea how touched I was that I wanted to cry when I read your messages, it really made me want to go on with the site now.
I really don't know how to thank you guys D:
I read the stories some of you wrote of me ( though not all of them--yet ). I kept giggling crazily when I read them haha! I'll comment on them as soon as I read finish all of them ( actually, I'm secretly going online now ).

I just came here to thank you guys and I wish I could do the same for all of you too (:
I posted up all your prezzies in my personal blog, you can check it out if you'd like ^^

Hope you guys like the simple layout~
I decided to change the layout as a sign that I'm back and running xD
Thanks Phebs for keeping the site going on while I mysteriously disappeared haha. Haven't been such a great webmis lately, I didn't even check the inbox for weeks xD

Stay safe and happy.
Love ya<3


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23rd July 2009

Why is today special?
Becuase it's our webmistress' birthday! Happy Birthday to SueWey, these are all the gifts from your staffs and fellow friends.

We hope you will enjoy our gifts and remember them eventhough you will definitely get something better from the ones you love.

Smile SueWey, and come back soon.

Happy Birthday!

From Phebs

From Bobo

From Anna

From WinterNight

From Vlai

From Star-chan
From Chazz

From Gee Reynoso

From Vrenille

Other gift(s): A gift of happiness

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21st June 2009

First of all, we ROL family would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Verity. May your wishes come true and these are the gifts from your ROL mates.

From Phebs.

From WinterNight.

From Anna.

From BoBo.

From Latienza.

From Star-Chan.

From Vlai.

From Pearlyn

From: Vrenille.

"I don't have any nice FT Island pic. Hope you still like it. Thank you for being part of our ROL crews. Have a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may your wishes come true! ^^" -Phebs

"Verity dear, happy birthday. Always be happy in whatever you do and we, as part of ROL family loves you a lot. Take care and may you be successful in everything:)" -Anna

"Dear Verity, Happy birthday! I hope you have a great one. & that your wishes come true." -Lyselmae Atienza :)

"VERITYYYYY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Good luck in everything you do. Keep working hard in ROL! and we are family TEHEE. HAPPPY BEEE~!" -Kee

"Happy Happy Birthday. Hope Your Birthday Is Enjoyed Happily. Happy Happy Birthday To You From ME!~ XD" -imperfection.x3

"Happy Birthday!!! May all your wishes come true and happiness always be with you~ :D" -JAYlene

"Happy Birthday Birthday Girl! Hope your wishes come true on your special day." -Red4Roses

"Happy Birthday ! Hope you have a blast !!! =]Wish You The Best And Spend Your Birthday With Your Family And Friends.Enjoy ! =]It's nice to greet staffs here even if you aren't familiar with them...=]It's ok,Maybe...This is the chance, right? =] Happy Birthday. ^^" -Ronix


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