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Borned ; 20th February '09.
Webmistress ; Phebs.
Co-webmistress ; Buju.
What do we offer? ; Graphic designing && reviewing.
Contact ; thrashing.ideas@hotmail.com

Enjoy your stay(:

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I -- i
D -- design,
E -- explore,
A -- appreciate and,
S -- share.
Please support Dorkistic Design by promoting their site and feel free to request from them if you need any custom blogskin. Have a nice day!


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26 June 2009.

I'm so sorry for updating less frequently now. I'm really quite busy and don't really have the time to update ROL, even the status page.

and I'm like supaaa late for 241239182638216 people's birthday. So first I wanna wish Happy Birthday to Red4Roses and Happy Belated Birthday to Imperfection.x3! ^^

I hope you like it and I apologize that I couldn't make one graphic for you guys too. It's just that my PS went 'poof' mysteriously.
And Happy Belated Birthday to Ryeowook oppa! ^^

`Haters are more than welcome to leave ROL. There's no need for you to waste your 'precious' time for you to criticize the site unless you're really better than us provided with evidence ;) And please don't simply criticize before actually criticizing us. We never mentioned that we are a perfect site so shut it. And wanna criticize? Criticize with guts, there's no need to hide your name. Don't like our site then just leave. easy-peasy. sorry, but I'm a straightforward kind of person and I despise these kind of people so LIVE WITH IT. FACE IT. FCUK IT. Thanks.

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18 June 2009.

Good afternoon everyone ^^
I'm so sorry if the site's been pretty dead lately, I was busy with school and I was sick [ and still am ]

I just made an update today to show that I'm not dead yet and that I'll try my best to keep this site updated whenever I can.
I'm sorry I couldn't think up of a new challenge yet and start the SOTM Challenge again, if possible, I'll try to get everything ready by next month so that you guys can start joining it again! ^^

also, we have a new staff joining us from now on and thank god that we finally have a new trailer maker to help us!
let's welcome; mcbandong !
thanks for willing to join us and help finish those trailer request!

I think that's all for now and I'll get back to you guys soon ^^

Webmistress of ROL

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8 June 2009.

Good morning girls.

first off I want to welcome to our new affies.

Crepuscular Tears2PM jjangArtsy AsianAmis InfinityWtpho
Crepuscular Tears l 2PM jjang l Artsy Asian l Amis Infinity l Wtpho

Next, I noticed that some of the graphic requests are not sent to use and there has been a slight problem. I sincerely apologize to my requesters for the inconvenience caused. I'm still checking onto the problem, but at the moment, I hope it's not too much of a problem for you to email me your request with the following form and delete the brackets;


Subject* Graphic request; [ Your fanfic title ]

Author's name ;
Email Address ; [ please make sure it's valid ]
Story Title ;
Story URL ;
Preferred Designer ; [ Vrenille, WinterNight, i-random-me ;], Phebs, or Verity. Others are on hiatus ]
Mood/Theme ;
Want a background too ? ;
Main Characters ; [ not more than 5 characters. Bands are exceptional ]
Pictures ; [ please try to provide high quality pictures ]
Quotes ;
Anything else ? ;
Want suggested color codes provided ? ;
Notification ; [ by story or email ]

please send it to rawr.out.loud@hotmail.com

I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience caused !
Also, small128 will be on hiatus until further notice. thanks.

Webmistress of ROL

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3 June 2009.

Hey there folks!
I've nothing much to say today so I just wanna welcome some people in our family ! :D

Let's welcome both Yuebo and Guilun0123 in the ROL family ! ^^
They'll be in the reviewing team, so request for more reviews now ROFL
[ their pages will be up soon ]

after this, I strictly do not accpet anymore reviewers, please.
I have more than enough now. It would definitely make my day if there's more people applying for trailer maker and designer =3

oh and before I forget, small128 will be on hiatus now so she'll be closed for request until further notice.
thanks ! ;D

Webmistress of ROL

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2 June 2009.

Good afternoon everyone ! ^^
Firstly, rach just wants to welcome Verity in our family !
She'll be in our graphic designer team and hopefully she'll enjoy her stay here ;)
[ her page will be up soon ]

Come and apply people!
We need all the help we can get ( except for reviewers, I think I have enough now ) especially the trailer makers !

Also, let's welcome ROL's new affie; Deja Vu !
Deja Vu

Lastly, before I forget. rach just wants to wish EunHee, our reviewer a very Happy Birthday ! ^^
I wanted to try something different so I've decided to make you a card with all our wishes in it ;D

and these are from the rest who sent me the messages after I made the birthday banner ( LOL );

From DeeDee;
Happy Birthday !!

From Latienza;
Happy Birthday EunHee! :)
Hope for the best in the future & for luck to arrive...
Though I haven't worked with you before,
you have always been a role model to many, concerning your
hard works, and positive attitude.
Happy Happy Happy Birthday!
Wish for many more to come ;)

From WinterNight;
Happy EunHee, I hope you have a wonderful birthday with LOTS AND LOTS OF PRESENTS! xDand cake, and food and drinks xDHappy birthday~~

Hope you had a blast ! ;D

Webmistress of ROL

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1 June 2009.

Afternoon everyone ^^
It's the first day of June and I'm as hot as hell at home =X

Anyway, I just want to say that Chazzie unnie will be on hiatus now.
I don't really know why sicne I forgot to ask Phebs unnie why she'll be away~

Also, we have a new staff joining us ^^
Ronix will be in the reviewing team and she'll be open up for request ! :D
[ her page will be up soon ]

Just to let everyone know that the site may be a little slow cause I've so much things to do :(
Sorry for any incovenience caused and hope you'll continue to support us ! :D

Webmistress of ROL

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