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Borned ; 20th February '09.
Webmistress ; Phebs.
Co-webmistress ; Buju.
What do we offer? ; Graphic designing && reviewing.
Contact ; thrashing.ideas@hotmail.com

Enjoy your stay(:

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D -- design,
E -- explore,
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S -- share.
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30 May 2009.

Yo ! ROFL.
Good morning people ^^


to all requesters and crew members.
sorry for any inconvenience caused and thanks ;)

Sorry, I've been uh... missing in action.
Holidays have started and I'm like supaaa busy...
yeah, I thought I would be like as free as a bird after the exams but it's not ! T____T

....okay, maybe not. I've been distracted lately.... with things... xD

just to let you know that I'm not dead yet :D

and ROL's still recruiting for more trailer makers and graphic designers ! ><

OH and before I forget, rach just wants to say that Malinaa will be in the reviewer team now :D
and let's welcome our new staff in the reviewing team; Latienza ! ^^
Hope you'll enjoy your stay here and have fun reviewing ^^
( will put up her page asap )

And the challenges will up soon, once I can think of something.
plus the designer's challenge.

damn, I felt like I haven't finish so many stuffs yet D:


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25 May 2009.

Good day people !

Okay, so I'm a little late this time but Happy Birthday Kira ! ^^
I love Minus too ! ^^ whoops. I meant, Linus :P

Happy Birthday my buggable friend ;)

From; SueWey and representing those who couldn't make the gifts for you

From; Phebs

From; DeeDee

From; Anna.

from; WinterNight

From; star-chan

Happy Birthday ! ^^

that will be all for now =3
Rach is pretty busy today.
Rach will reply your emails asap !

with love,
SueWey // rach

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22 May 2009.

Afternoon friends ;D
So exam's pretty much screwing me inside and out.
yeah, it's that bad ;p

so just want to announce that Keerain will be on hiatus now cause she needs to study hard ! ^^
good luck kee dongsaeng ! =X

and since not much are apply to be with us now, I've decided to join in the designer's team.
watch out ! cause I'm still a newbie ! :P
I may not make such pretty posters like them but I'll try my very best ^^

and also, good luck to those who are still sitting for their exams !
all the best ! aja ! hwaiting ! ;)

Webmistress of ROL

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21 May 2009.

Good day everyone ! ^^
I first would like to thank everyone who had been requesting and thank my crew for contributing so much while I'm right here frustrating over Mid Year =3

Anyway, so I made an entry today just to wish to one of my dongsaeng and crew in ROL ; BoBoLi0us, Happy Birthday ! ^^
May all your wish come true and that someday you'll get Key ! HAHA :P
Here's a gift from your family and I hope you'll like them ;)

H A P P Y B i R T H D A Y !

From; SueWey and representing to those who couldn't make their gifts in time.

From; Phebs

From; EunHee

From; Anna

From; star-chan

From; DeeDee

From; WinterNight

And again, Happy Birthday to those who had the same birthdays in the same month.

From; Keemi

From; Chazz

7 more days til exam's over.

With much love,
Webmistress of ROL

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19 May 2009.

Good morning friends ^^
ssshhhh actually I wasn't suppose to come online but I couldn't resist not visiting ROL D:

anyway before I start the good news, I'm sad to say that SaMaNtHa will be leaving us ( most probably once she finishes all her requests ) because she needs to catch up with her studies plus get better grades.
ROL wishes her good luck, hoping you'll mange to catch up with your studies and don't forget us for we will not forget you ^^
Although she wasn't with us from the very first day this site was open but she has contributed alot and therefore I wanna thank her sincerely, and we will always welcome you back anytime ;D

Next, Anna will also be on hiatus. If I'm not mistaken, it'll be for about a month because she has to go fly somewhere * stares at anna * xD
don't forget to come back dear ! =3


And now the awards are finally here ! Credits to WinterNight for making the awards ! ^^
Awards will be put up in the Gallery and if you wanna see why and how you won these prizes, check it up at the Reviews ! ^^
( couldn't think of a name now =.= )
They can be found at the Challenges section.

First off; the SOTM Challenge ; May.
We've got two sites who got a draw ! =3 They are;


Lost Shadows.

Yay ! Congrats dear(s) ^^

Next, Graphic's Challenge.






As for the Designer's Challenge, I hope the designers can wait for their result cause I don't have to finish them yet. Hope you can wait till my exams are over ^^

Congratulations to all the winners and next round will be up soon !
( after my exams xD )

off to school now ! =3

Webmistress of ROL

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17 May 2009.

Good evening ladies.


ROL welcomes to our new graphic designer who will be joining us from now on ! ^^
small128 .
welcome dear and I hope that you'll enjoy your stay as much as the other crew members =3
It's nice to see our family grow :)

ROL is still looking for more Trailer Makers please ^^

ROL welcomes to our new affie ;
Smiles-Lovely ( if I'm not mistaken )

rach just wants to announce that ROL has joined the SOTM Challenge held by Lost Shadows so wish us luck ! ^^
also, rach will be changing the 'pickups' section a little. It seems sort of messy and I don't like messy things =.=

sadly, we have another rule breaker.
could this get any worse? 2 rule breakers in a month?
check up to see who it is.

rach's wrists are in pain. she's gonna go off the computer and study her ass off.
11 more days til exam's over.
boy, it's supaa hot over here * fans self *

Webmistress of ROL

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16 May 2009.

A very good morning to everyone especially Pearlynn aka luv_arron ! :D

ROL family wishes you ( luv_arron ) a very Happy 13th Birthday ! ^^
Hopefully you had a blast today and may all your wishes come true! :D And hopefully, you'll love the gifts we made for you !

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y !

From; SueWey and representing other ROL crew members who couldn't make the gifts for you (:

From; our lovely co-webmistress, Phebs :D

From; WinterNight.

From; Anna.

From; DeeDee

From; Mickey.

From; Vrenille.

From; Star-chan

From; sweetbunn

And Happy Birthday to the three girls who has their birthdays in May ; luv_arron , BoBoLi0us and Kira :D

From; Keemi.

From; Chazz


And now~ I'm happy to announce that Vrenille's back from hiatus ! :D yay!
she didn't forgot about us ! HAHA.

and I didn't want to ruin this entry so check up the blacklist section to see who got blacklisted today.
yep, we have another rulebreaker~ sigh ):
[ will update it after this post ]

12 more days till exam's over !

Webmistress of ROL.

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