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Borned ; 20th February '09.
Webmistress ; Phebs.
Co-webmistress ; Buju.
What do we offer? ; Graphic designing && reviewing.
Contact ; thrashing.ideas@hotmail.com

Enjoy your stay(:

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20 October 2009



Hello all! Guess what? Today is i-DEAS's 8 MONTH ANNIVERSARY!! :) WOOT! Anna reminded me lol. Here is a cute banner that she sent along with a message:

[ message from rach : im so sorry! the banner somehow got cut off :O ]

First of all, I would like to welcome new staffs to i-DEAS. Sorry that I couldn’t greet them earlier as I have been very busy. However, I hope that you all will enjoy working here and will be able to co-operate with one another.

Second, to Phebs, thank you for keeping i-DEAS still working online; it’s really good to be able to work in i-DEAS until now. I know it must be hard for you to manage this when Rach was gone, but you did a very good job.

Third, to Buju, welcome to our family. You are our new co-webmiss now so I am looking forward to working with you. Thank you for keeping i-DEAS alive.

Lastly, happy 8 months anniversary i-DEAS!

Thanks Anna! :D

I didn't make my own banner or anything, but I will next month. I'm new here and didn't know.. hehe. Anyways, we have a new crew member: .flavored! But on the downside, Imperfection.x3 is leaving us because of school and things, but let's give her a hand for working so hard here. :) Don't worry, we all understand! It happens to everyone lol. And as Phebs said, graphic designers and reviewers staff application is now closed. Thank you to all those who applied!! :D

Also, we have new affies: Melting Gelato and Supremem Fabness. I think I might be missing some others, but I didn't really keep track, so sorry for those who I did not mention. ><

Oh one more thing, to ALL STAFFS, I've sent an email to make sure who's still with us. If you haven't already, please check your emails and reply ASAP because those who do not reply before October 24, 2009 will be fired and the requests you're working on will be transferred to another active member. We're doing this because there are a few members who we haven't heard from in awhile and it's troublesome to us for you to be out of reach.

So... that's all. Thanks you guys for working so hard! :)

Ta ta for now~

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17 October 2009 I



Hello everyone.

First of all, I would like to thank my co-web, Buju for doing a superb job in managing the site while I am not around during the weekends. I am glad I picked well. Keep up the good work, girl! But don't overburden yourself. ^^

Next matter... I would like to introduce more new crews to our i-DEAS family. Please welcome our 2 new designers - BoBoLi0us and ForgottenJuliet as well as our 2 reviewers - TongTong and Yunni !!!!! BoBoLi0us was previously our trailer maker and now switched to be our graphic designer. Glad to have her still with us. ^^

With that, I announced that we now have enough designers and reviewers. To those that applied but didn't get, your qualities are good but this web-mistress tend to be a very picky person at times and it was a VERY tough decision to pick only the selected one, believe me. Anyhow, I am still VERY GRATEFUL for your supports. I never thought I would get so many applicants for the jobs here in i-DEAS. It makes me so proud and happy. Thank you to all the staffs and visitors here. *give a big bow*

Please note that we are still recruiting more trailer makers. Our trailer section has been close well long now and will reopen once we have sufficient staffs go keep the application coming!! ^^

For those interested to apply as a trailer maker here, please send to our email(thrashing.ideas@hotmail.com) with the subject title 'Staff application' the following details:-

Which post: [trailer maker]
Sample of works: [please provide about 1 for trailer maker]
Years of experience(if any):
Currently working at(if any):
How often do you online?:
Additional information about yourself: [Anything you want to tell that can boost our will to hire you]

A reminder once again to our requesters that if you were to request from the respective staffs with a 'busy' beside her status, please be prepare that we might have to switch your request to other staff that are more available.

Well, that's about it for today. Enjoy your stay and have a nice day everyone! ^^

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12 October 2009



Heyy there all staffs and visitors!!! This is Buju, the new co-web and this is my first post on this fabulous site ever lol. So I thank Phebs for giving me such an honor! I've always wanted to help run a site. *Shakes Phebs' hand* I promise to do my best to bring this site to success although I've realized it's actually a lot of work!

So to more news:
We have new crew members! Let's welcome our two new designers: cut!e^sh and HidayahF, and our new reviewers: Pararae and Andi!!! *Clap clap clap* Their profiles will be up as soon as possible. We will be accepting about 2 more reviewers and a lot more trailer makers (since there aren't many out there) lol. So hurry and apply before it's too late!!!!! As for an another designer applicant that sent us an email (you know who you are) I will discuss with Phebs to see if we will accept you because she strictly told me we need 2 so I'm not sure if she wants another one. Hope you understand this!

Thank you guys bunches and keep those requests and applications rolling in!

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11 October 2009.



Hello everyone.
Few announcement to make for today.

Firstly, thank you to all that visited and voiced your supports. I promise to keep i-DEAS running smoothly and provide the best of services to not let you all down.

For all those that applied for the co-web position, I have finally made my decision. Visitors and staffs... Please welcome our new co-web - Buju !!!! *applause and throws confetti* Welcome to our family! I hope you enjoy your stay. ^^ The others that applied for the position as well, I am sorry that you didn't get picked but thank you so much that you applied. It means so much to have your supports on our site and was willing to contribute to it. Maybe you can apply for the other position as well?

Positions.... That's the second matter. i-DEAS is currently recruiting more designers, reviewers as well as trailer makers. Many of our staffs has left and with the remainder busy with schools and stuff, we currently lacking of members. Our trailer section has been close well long now and I am hoping to reopen it once we have sufficient staffs.

For those interested to apply as a designer/reviewer/trailer maker here, please send to our email(thrashing.ideas@hotmail.com) with the subject title 'Staff application' the following details:-

Which post: [designer/reviewer/trailer maker]
Sample of works: [designer please provide about 3 if possible, reviewer just have to provide 1 and so as trailer maker]
Years of experience(if any):
Currently working at(if any):
How often do you online?:
Additional information about yourself: [Anything you want to tell that can boost our will to hire you]

I am thinking of hiring 2 designers and about 4 or so reviewers or trailer maker. Too much? Well, I just don't want to overburden my current staffs. They have worked really hard and have their own life to manage as well.

Requesters... I have change the setting of our site a little. From now on, whenever our staff has around 3 requests or more, there will be a 'busy' sign beside her status. So if you still want to request from that respective staff, please be aware that we might have to switch your request to other staff that are more available.

Anna will be on hiatus for a month (Oct 12 - Nov 11) while WinterNight, Ronix & Mickey are busy for the moment so they won't be accepting any further requests during the meantime. Also, Luv_arron is off hiatus and ready to accept requests.

Well, that's about it. I will update the affies section next week. I have to settle the resume and cover letter for my internship next year. Priority first~ I will get things settle as soon as I can. At the meantime, please enjoy your stay and have a nice day everyone! ^^

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3 October 2009.



Hello everyone.
I have bad news and good news to announce.

I received an email from our webmistress, Rach/Sue Wey today and she has informed that she is really occupied with her life and schools stuffs so she had no choice but to quit all her jobs as reviewer or beta reader, and this also includes being webmistress here in i-DEAS.

So that's the bad news. But I know how much all of the staffs here has put to much effort to bring i-DEAS to where it is now and I couldn't bear to close down i-DEAS so here's the good news - I am taking over i-DEAS. Everyone say hello to this new webmistress of i-DEAS - Phebs. *bows*

I don't know if I can do as much of a great job as Rach and the other webmistresses around but I will do my best and give you all everything I can. ^^

Ok, onward to the next order of business...

i-DEAS has a new email now to make everything officially part from ROL. I will still check up on the previous email (rawr.out.loud@hotmail.com) from time to time but please NOTE that any matters should now be forwarded to our new email (thrashing.ideas@hotmail.com). I also created new sets of request forms in name of i-DEAS. So yeah, everything is pretty much starting anew.

Additional announcement... SueWey, Keerain & i-random-me:] have left our i-DEAS team. It is sad but the door to i-DEAS is always open to welcome them back. ^^

Also... Kira & Star-chan are on hiatus now so they won't be receiving any request until after I announced that they are back from hiatus.

Oh, before I forget. College is starting for me next week so I won't be able to update i-DEAS until I am back during weekends.

Since the co-web post is now empty, I am opening application for this only because I seriously can't manage i-DEAS during the weekdays since I won't have any internet connection. So everyone, feel free to apply. For the meantime, I apologize if updates are coming in slow.

That's all for now. Have a nice day everyone. :D

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