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Borned ; 20th February '09.
Webmistress ; Phebs.
Co-webmistress ; Buju.
What do we offer? ; Graphic designing && reviewing.
Contact ; thrashing.ideas@hotmail.com

Enjoy your stay(:

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I -- i
D -- design,
E -- explore,
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S -- share.
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23 September 2009.



Hello everyone.
Today is another September baby birthday - Vrenille. *throws confetti* HAPPY BIRTHDAY VRENILLE!! Here are your gifts on your special day.

Birthday wishes:-

Phebs = Happy Birthday Vrenille!! I really love your works girl and I just want to thank you for all that you done in i-DEAS. I didn't get to chat with you as much but I am glad to have known you through here. Hope you have a blast today. Sorry your gift isn't that good, I did it in a hurry. Hope you'll still like it. On behalf of all the other staffs in i-DEAS, I wanna wish you a happy birthday and may your wishes come true. Take your time with your request (but not too long) and just remember to have fun with them. ^^


i-DEAS has been pretty quiet lately without much requests. I guess everyone is pretty busy lately. Chazzie is hiatus till today and will be back tomorrow (24th Sept). I (Phebs) is also back from hiatus but I forgot to announce. So keep the requests coming. XD Lastly, before I forget, there's a belated birthday message to Chazz Unnie from WinterNight:

WinterNight = Dear Chazzie, i see that you're an unnie to most of us (you're probably getting REALLY old). LOL. I'm joking. :P Your young as a.. erm. Young adult turkey? LOL. Sorry that just popped out of my head. Bwuahha, i hope we can become really good friends.. and I hope you're birthday was special <-- see the past tense. Yes that was given for you late. T 3T I'm sorry about that. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Oh, and i love your GD~ Especiallys your layouts which i see in most site, lol. XD

That's all for today. Bye Everyone. Have a good day!

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13 September 2009.



Hello everyone.
Today is a very special day for one of our staff, because it is her birthday! Happy Birthday Chazz Unnie! Here are your gifts from us staffs.

Birthday wishes:-

Anna = Happy birthday Chazz unnie! We all love you.. Stay healthy and may you always be happy. P/s: sorry that there are only Yoochun, Yunho and Changmin in the poster. Kira ate Jaejoong and Junsu *accuses Kira*

Vrenille = chazzie unnie! happy birthday! you are soooo sooo good at graphic designing, i really look unto your works! they`re pretty and amazing! keep it up, and i hope you had a nice birthday today! here`s an onew cake *gives onew cake to chazzie unnie*, now make a wish and blow the candles! lol. thank you for joinining amberism! take care!

Phebs = Happy Birthday Chazz unnie! Thanks a lot for guiding me so much all these while. I learned some basic html to create my own layout and I now know how to find and use more textures to beautify my works. I really learned a lot from you and I really admire all your works. They are all so gorgeous and outstanding!! Unnie, enjoy this special day and may your wishes come true. On behalf of the rest of i-DEAS staff, I would like to thank Unnie for all the efforts you did for i-DEAS and we really appreciate you being here with us. Lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNNIE!!! From all of us here in i-DEAS!! ^^


Well, I guess that's all for today. Will edit this post if there's anything to add. Have a nice day everyone! ;)

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1 September 2009.



Hello everyone.
Well, this is the first time the Co-web is making an entry but sadly... it isn't good news.

We have 3 rule breakers with us here today - Moonlightdarkness , Midnightwishes & zoeybunnygals. They have failed to obey the MOST basic rule - they requested from us and from the other affies as well for the same fic. You can check out more details on the matter in the Blacklists section on 'extras'.

Because of the increasing amount of rule breakers, I have added another rule to the Graphic Request. I know the present rules are already a lot and putting more on won't make people give a damn more to read them but at least there won't be a problem that we never mention it before.

Requesters... please respect the designers taking the time to make the graphics for you. Please don't play our designers, or any other designers out there like testing subjects to see which graphics you prefer best and just thrash the alternatives with not much as a thanks. If you are unsatisfied with the graphics you received, our designer would be more than willing to make as much modification as possible until we meet your specific demands.

If you... after making the request from us... find a more suited designer that you think can better design the graphics to your preference, please cancel your current request first before requesting from the other. If you haven't try designing before, please do so. You will see how hard it is to actually put your mind and time to make something eye-catching to enhance the interest of readers to your fic.

One more thing, if you really want to request from another requesting site for a new poster despite one already done for you. The least you could do is just a simple email to inform us or the designers to let them know.

I hope future requester could at least spent just a little of your time to read through the rules so problem won't occur and offend people. Thank you to those reading this.

That's all for today. Even the weather here is so gloomy since this morning. Gonna get back to my studies now. Having exams in least than a week time. Wish me luck and have a nice day everyone.

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